My artwork explores methods of codification within western culture to discuss queer ‘masculine’ identities. My process is more akin to a library or a garden; a system of organization and collection. I allocate space to ponder while arranging, pairing, grouping, pruning, and organizing my objects. It is in this quiet space where my labour becomes rhythmic and repetitive. The chosen materials, objects, and surfaces are limited to culturally symbolic forms. My process-based works engage physical and psychological endurance through the repetitive working-over and arrangement of surfaces. These concepts narrowly hedge the correct selection of objects, mediums, and materials based on their cultural, historical, and semiotic understanding collectively. Through research, organization, composition and re-composition of objects—clarity is sifted for. The implementation of design strategies and associated aesthetics create spaces for my artwork to achieve clean, hard-edged forms to deconstruct a binary of artistic authenticity.
The subtle (often passable) normative works I produce are at their roots queer. My chosen materials of paints, cosmetics, commodities and other ready-mades are heavily marketed to be gendered products.
Pansy Posey
So Dainty
Whispered Hush
Beautifully Buff
In my practice I use these names and labels as a form of code, using language to speak gestures and aspects of my queer identity. I appropriate the politics of capital that systematizes and categorizes gender through product name. These packaged labels have become more than just mechanisms for cataloging merchandise, they enforce a view of identity. The subversion of these misused names are small performances of queer identity passing normatively on commercial shelves. The strangeness of the naming strategies becomes more and more evident as the identities are arranged and collected in typologies. I reduce these performances and artefacts to their most minimal and unitary forms.
In my most recent artistic research I am now using my body as a vessel for exploring identity politics. I pair, prune, and organize these collected performances. The implication of my bodily trace or physical appearance in the artwork gives a new form of agency to express my autobiographical experiences as a queer person surrounding spirituality, trauma, grief, and sexuality.

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